Getting Things Done with

IT Redux has a story about managing GTD with

If the item is not actionable, I trash it, store it as a long-term goal or attach a note to an object, both using as data repository. does not have any standard object for goals, therefore I created a custom one. A goal has a long-range timeframe attached to it, which can either be the current year, next year, within five years, within ten years, or within one’s lifetime. A goal with a five years timeframe could be the buying of a house for example. The decision to use a note rather than a goal is based on the fact that a note does not have a timeframe. It’s a simple piece of information that I want to make sure I will be able to retrieve when looking up the object it is attached to. Using’s relational model, a note can be attached to any object, such as an account, a contact, or whatever custom object you might have built to store some specific piece of information.

These kinds of ideas are important as we work towards implementing a Getting Things Done system in OpenPsa 2.

Via David Allen.