Get MidCOM from a PEAR channel

Since completing MidCOM’s PEAR 1.4 packaging the main remaining issue of making MidCOM installation user-friendly has been setting up a channel. This is now done, and MidCOM 2.5 can be installed in the following way:

  • Upgrade PEAR to 1.4

      # pear -f upgrade PEAR
  • Discover the PEAR channel

      # pear channel-discover
  • Install the MgdSchema handler role

      # pear install midcom/Role_Mgdschema
  • Install MidCOM core (you need to specify version as there is no
    stable 2.6 release yet)

      # pear install midcom/midcom-2.5.1cvs

After these you have MidCOM installed into your PEAR path. Next you will want to install some components. Here you can see how dependency handling works: I’m installing de.linkm.taviewer that requires the datamanager library.

# pear install midcom/de_linkm_taviewer
Starting to download de_linkm_taviewer-2.tgz (23,016 bytes)
........done: 23,016 bytes
downloading midcom_helper_datamanager-1.tgz ...
Starting to download midcom_helper_datamanager-1.tgz (85,651 bytes)
...done: 85,651 bytes
install ok: channel://
install ok: channel://

Please let me know if you want component upload access.

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