MidCOM PEAR channel not working with PEAR 1.4.7

It seems the MidCOM PEAR channel is incompatible with the PEAR 1.4.7 release. When you try to discover the PEAR channel you get:

# pear channel-discover pear.midcom-project.org
Discovery of channel "pear.midcom-project.org" failed

Until this issue is resolved you can use the MidCOM channel by downgrading PEAR:

# pear upgrade -f PEAR-1.4.6

If somebody wants to help debug this, the channel server was installed using these instructions. The channel.xml is also available.

Updated 15:00: Seems we ran into a bug in PEAR 1.4.7. Bug #6960 contains a patch. Thanks to Greg Beaver for the fix!

Updated 2006-03-04: PEAR 1.4.8 is coming soon containing a probable fix to this problem.

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