iSync and disappearing records

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It seems Apple’s iSync and Sony-Ericsson phones are having a severe synchronization problem this month. Rambo had an alarming story:

This morning I decided to sync my phone with my Mac again since a long time, for some reason iSync decided that it wants to delete all but 3 contacts (the ones I had most recently added to my phone) from both phone and the Contacts software.

Not being awake I allowed this to proceed…

Since both of have Sony-Ericsson phones (Rambo has a P800, and I have a K700) I wasn’t particularly surprised to see this:

iSync wants to delete all my contacts

The only way to fix synchronization was to allow this operation, so I as a precaution exported my Address Book contacts as vCards. As suspected, the synchronization run wiped out my whole calendar, and modified the contacts to unrecognizable shape.

With iCal this wasn’t a big deal as my calendar events were any way subscribed from OpenPsa. And with contacts I just imported to vCards again.

However, this makes me a bit scared on what will happen when we start synchronizing our phones with OpenPsa over SyncML