Notification management in OpenPsa 2

cover image for Notification management in OpenPsa 2

Another minor feature worth mentioning about: We today added a notification manager into the OpenPsa 2 system.

With the notification manager users and groups can control what things they want to be notified of and how.

The first OpenPsa component to implement notifications is OpenPsa Calendar, allowing users to choose whether they get emailed about new events or not:

OpenPsa Calendar notification settings

For now the notification manager supports only emailing or disabling notices, but other transports are being planned. For some things SMS, Jabber or even Growl could make more sense. For example, it would be nice to get a Growl notice when a client approves a completed project.

The inspiration for creating a sane way to manage notices was the silly amount of informational popups provided by the Hearts of Iron strategy game we played yesterday after sauna.