Midgard Developer Meeting in Komorniki

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We spent the last two days driving from Helsinki to Poznan, Poland for the Midgard Developer Meeting. This proved to be a good field test for Maemo 2.0 as we needed to instruct people back home about some project details using Google Talk.

Instructing office through Maemo's Google Talk


While the trip was a long one, it has definitely been worth it. So far we’ve covered the following:

Exploring Poznan's night life


We hit the old square of Poznan again on saturday night after watching the Italy-USA game with Alessio, and toured the local bars until about 4am.

In Columbus Pub

We continued the meeting around 11am, have covered the following:

Piotras explains fashionability of different Midgard releases

Soon we start the long trip back home through Germany, Denmark and Sweden, completing the circle around the Baltic Sea.

In the other news, Oskari is blogging the trip in finnish. First part, second part, third part, fourth part, fifth part, sixth part.

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