Email integration in OpenPsa 2

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Seth Gottlieb has an interesting piece on email and content management:

I understand why email is such a tempting tool. That post outlines the reasons nicely: it is easy, universal, accessible, personalizable, reliable, and people just live in their email clients. Even I have to admit, the more you manage, the more you live in your email client. That is why most executives don’t even need a computer anymore - just a blackberry to thumb a yes or no wirelessly.

This is exactly why we added email archiving support into OpenPsa 2. Lots of business communication happens over email, and it is important to be able to easily archive it into the CRM system.

With OpenPsa 2 the approach is that there is a shared “archiving” mailbox where all users can drag-and-drop relevant emails. OpenPsa monitors the mailbox and reads them in. Then it produces a wiki page out of them and links the message according to its time sender and receivers into the people and tasks concerned.

Imported email shown in a task

This way the important emails are stored in a secure and easy to find location, and the email client can handle its actual task, the sending and receiving of the day-by-day email.