Changing schemas on the fly

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MidCOM datamanager allows you to have multiple page types, or schemas used in a folder. The schemas can provide different editable fields and different styling.

However, by default datamanager doesn’t allow you to change a page’s schema after it has been initially set. If you want to enable this, here is a quick hack.

  • Customize the net.nehmer.static component’s template admin-edit for your site

  • Add the following below $data['controller']->display_form();

      // Load schema
      eval('$schemadb = Array( ' . midcom_get_snippet_content_graceful($data['config']->get('schemadb')) . " \n);");
      // Save selected schema
      if (   array_key_exists('net_nemein_customschema_change', $_POST)
          && array_key_exists($_POST['net_nemein_customschema_change'], $schemadb))
          $data['article']->parameter('midcom.helper.datamanager2', 'schema_name', $_POST['net_nemein_customschema_change']);
          // Refresh page to get the new schema's editor
          echo '<script language=\"javascript\">location.replace(window.location + "#");</script>';
      // Show selection form
      $current_schema = $data['article']->parameter('midcom.helper.datamanager2', 'schema_name');
      echo "<form method=\"post\">\n";
      echo "<label>Page type\n";
      echo "<select name=\"net_nemein_customschema_change\">\n";
      foreach ($schemadb as $schema_name => $schema)
          $selected = '';
          if ($schema_name == $current_schema
              || (   $schema_name == 'default' 
                  && $current_schema == ''))
              $selected = ' selected="selected"';
          echo "    <option value=\"{$schema_name}\"{$selected}>{$schema['description']}</option>\n";
      echo "</select>\n";
      echo "</label>\n";
      echo "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Change type\" />\n";
      echo "</form>\n";
  • Now the page schema should be easy to change:

Changing a page schema

Note: This quick tutorial applies only to components utilizing Datamanager 2 but should be easy to adapt to also old-style components.

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