CMS Watch: Midgard keeps chugging along

Tony Byrne from CMS Watch noted the recent advances in Midgard based on yesterday’s 1.7.6 release:

The latest release (1.7.6, in case you’re counting) builds on some previous attempts to make the package play better in standard corporate environments, including integration with Apache Lucene for search, and JSR-170 support as well.

I agree with Tony that the recent changes like better third-party authentication make Midgard fit well in corporate networks.

His other comments are also interesting, noting the base of activity in the project:

The open-source CMS package Midgard is not very popular in North America, but it sports a wide following in Central and Eastern Europe, including a core group of developers who have slowly re-architected the package after a semi-dormant period early in the decade.

Great to see that CMS Watch is still actively monitoring Midgard. Their site has been running on it for quite a while, I believe they haven’t seen much of the more modern Midgard features like MidCOM components, PEAR packaging or the AJAX UI. Hopefully these become more visible once 1.8 hits stable.

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