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View Source

I love the idea of including a “View Source” key into the OLPC keyboard:

Midgard 2 time

Midgard 1.8.0 is out, and so according to the roadmap we can finally start getting rid of legacy Midgard1 features to get into the nice, clean slate of Midgard2.

Maemo is migrating to Midgard

Maemo, the open source mobile device platform developed by Nokia is switching its web infrastructure to Midgard CMS. Ferenc Szekely writes:

How much is your Midgard worth?

Inspired by the PHP Eats Rails for Breakfast report, I’ve registered Midgard CMS at Ohloh, a service tracking code contributions in various free software projects.

Managing Changes in Collaborative Innovation Networks

I was one of the people interviewed for Jyrki Wahlstedt’s essay Managing Changes in Collaborative Innovation Networks. It deals with how innovation networks like free software projects communicate:
cover image for Watching movies on the Nokia 770

Watching movies on the Nokia 770

I returned from a trip to Lapland and Russia today, and noticed that the battery of my Macbook had somehow died while I was away. Now the computer doesn’t recognize it at all.

Talk about response times was the original experimentation ground for MidCOM’s content update notifications support. However, it had since fallen into disuse as it waited re-implementation using MidCOM’s at service to ensure pings are run asynchronously.

Midgard's new tagging library

I’m spending some time this week on a specification workshop in the countryside. Mostly we’re looking at integration points between Midgard, Gforge and Doxygen to provide a complete open source project collaboration environment.
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Exploring the paths of Wikipedia with Pathway

Pathway is an OS X desktop client for the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It keeps track of relations between pages you read using a handy network map, and makes them searchable via Spotlight. It is also able to save the researched network of pages for later use.
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Optimizing the latest MidCOM

I drove from Turku to Helsinki early in the morning with a Land Rover that didn’t have headlights. Since then have been hunting performance issues in latest beta of MidCOM - the component architecture used by Midgard CMS.