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Top ten Unix shell commands

Continuing with another blog meme, here is the list of top ten Unix shell commands from my MacBook development box
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Today is the OneWebDay

September 22nd is the OneWebDay. It is a day when users of the World Wide Web are encouraged to show how the Internet affects their lives. The purpose of the event is to globally celebrate online life.
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New feed aggregator for Midgard

Midgard CMS has had an integrated RSS and Atom aggregator for several years. It has been used for both bringing simple news feeds to portal sites, and for Planet-like large-scale blog aggregation.
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New component selection view for MidCOM

MidCOM, the component framework used in Midgard CMS is rapidly approaching 2.6 stable, and a lot of minor improvements are trickling in. These include a drag-and-drop way to reorganize navigation items and a new view listing MidCOM contributors.
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Firefox extension for Microformat utilization

I’m now running Tails, a Firefox extension that recognizes and handles Microformats embedded in web pages. This means that if I browse to a compliant event calendar I can add an event there to my calendar with single click, or add contacts from a web page into my address book.
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Clearing the photo backlog

I’ve again gotten quite backlogged with publishing photos from various adventures. Today I fortunately had time to push tree sets on Flickr:

Going underground

The latest blog meme is listing metro lines you’ve used. Here’s mine, although Tbilisi Metro wasn’t listed: