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Fifteen years of Linux

Two days and fifteen years ago, Linus Torvalds posted a message on comp.os.minix:
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We need public access to Geodata in Europe

Public Geo Data is sending an open letter to the European council of environment ministers to request that the access to geographical databases would be opened to the public. While some data is open and available, we’re still far behind the US in this issue.
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Plazes is now mobile

Plazes is a service for connecting wireless access points into physical locations. Previously this has only worked with Wi-FI networks, but now they have launched a mobile version that uses the cell phone network base station identifiers for the same thing.
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Return of the Moblog

My moblog hasn’t been updated since GUADEC last July, and some relatives have already been asking about it. The reason why I haven’t updated is that I switched to the Nokia N90 camera phone, and the email format it uses makes Mail_mimeDecode fail.

Page styling and Datamanager schemas

Most Midgard components use a tool called Datamanager to abstract data storage and content editing. With Datamanager, site builders can define multiple schemas to be used at different areas or for different page types, each with a different set of content and editing fields.

Benefiting from the GLib core

Midgard CMS differs architecturally quite much from the typical open source CMSs in that its core is written in C on top of the GLib library.
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Switching to Intel MacBook

Since we have some new members in the team, it was time to grab some new Intel MacBooks. I also decided to switch and recycle my 12” PowerBook to another team member.

iCal is adding CalDAV support

The mysterious collaborative feature of iCal hinted at the WWDC keynote seems to actually be CalDAV:

OpenPsa sources moved to Subversion

OpenPsa2 source code has now been moved to the Subversion repository used by MidCOM. Since OpenPsa is now a pure MidCOM component system this should aid in cross-project collaboration.