Firefox extension for Microformat utilization

cover image for Firefox extension for Microformat utilization

I’m now running Tails, a Firefox extension that recognizes and handles Microformats embedded in web pages. This means that if I browse to a compliant event calendar I can add an event there to my calendar with single click, or add contacts from a web page into my address book.

It seems to like at least the Microformats embedded in various Midgard applications. For example, OpenPsa Calendar:

Tails displaying hCalendar entries in OpenPsa Calendar

and OpenPsa Contacts:

Tails displaying hCars entries in OpenPsa Contacts

The Tails extension is also scriptable, allowing developers to build their own actions to be made available for Microformats. For example, if I wanted my browser to support adding events directly to OpenPsa Calendar instead of the desktop calendar, I could write a Tails Script for it.

I’ve been a Microformats supporter for a while already. However, tools like this can really increase the adoption rates for the standard as more and more people will find it useful.

Updated: There is a Midgard documentation page about Microformat usage in MidCOM.

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