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Trying out Maemo Blog

As reported by Inz, Maemo Blog seems to work properly with Midgard CMS now. Cool!

State of the art

I’ve today upgraded the Midgard development environment on my MacBook to a more reasonable software setup:
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Finding resources automatically in OpenPsa

We rolled the initial Project Broker user interface into OpenPsa 2 with Rambo yesterday. Since we were on schedule we went to work in the countryside where we wouldn’t be disturbed. Fireplace, a bit of snow, and no Internet connection make it a perfect place for a coding sprint.

The trip to Murmansk

Pjotr has just posted the video from our Murmansk trip to Google Video: will run Plone

The GNOME desktop community has been evaluating different CMS options since July. TikiWiki, Drupal and eZpublish were eliminated because of missing features, and the final was between Plone and Midgard CMS.

Contact management in semantic web

One big idea we’ve had with OpenPsa has been supporting various standards and Microformats to make the user experience richer.
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Be liberal with input, strict with output

Midgard’s support for GeoRSS is solidifying with the auto-probing system in OpenPsa and the latest release of org.routamc.positioning.

View Source

I love the idea of including a “View Source” key into the OLPC keyboard:

Midgard 2 time

Midgard 1.8.0 is out, and so according to the roadmap we can finally start getting rid of legacy Midgard1 features to get into the nice, clean slate of Midgard2.