Democracy Player brings YouTube to desktop

cover image for Democracy Player brings YouTube to desktop

I’ve just upgraded to the latest Democracy Player “Internet TV” version:

It’s pretty simple. You get a better internet video experience with Democracy Player because you can do more and you can do it more easily. Some people call it a ‘TiVo for the internet’ or a ‘Firefox for videos’.

Democracy Player is free, open source, and built by a non-profit organization. Our goal isn’t to make money off of you. Our goal is to give you the best possible video experience.

In addition to being able to subscribe to PodCasts, it can also perform searches on YouTube and Google Video, and subscribe to the search results. This way I get automatically all new Haidong Gumdo videos to my desktop for example.

YouTube search with the Democracy Player

Now, if only it was also available for my 770

Updated: Lifehacker has a nice short review on Democracy Player.