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What is happening in MidCOM 2.7

MidCOM 2.6.0 has been out for a while, with 2.6.1 scheduled for today. While that branch has now been stabilized for bug fixes and small tweaks only, there is work going on in the SVN trunk, or what is to become MidCOM 2.7.
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More photo backlog

Now, this one has been on my TODO list for a while:
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Clearing the photo backlog

Like in some earlier situations, I’ve again gotten a bit backlogged with publishing my photos. In any case, here are some new sets on Flickr:
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Solving logistics of Mamona

I was discussing this IT problem at ESEEI today: Mamona, or Castor oil plant is an oil-producing plant that can be grown in relatively dry areas. Farmers of dry areas in the state of Paraná, Brazil are generally relatively poor. Petrobras has a process where Mamona seeds can be used to produce biodiesel fuel. The IT problem related to this...
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Nokia 770 navigation kit

Nokia has released a Navigation kit for 770, providing GPS navigation capabilities to this Linux device. The navigation software used is Navicore Personal which application requires Tablet OS 2006. The announcement says:
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Digital Business Ecosystem in LatinoWare 2006

Like last year and FISL, I’m again representing DBE in LatinoWare. My talk was yesterday, and this time I focused a bit more on the practical applications of DBE instead of the politics.
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British RFID passports cracked

Guardian reports that the British RFID passports are now cracked, meaning that their information can be remotely read, and the passport copied:
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Going to LatinoWare

I will be flying to Foz do Iguacu tomorrow for the LatinoWare 2006 conference. My talk on Digital Business Ecosystem is scheduled at 2pm on thursday the 16th. As I’ve already given two earlier talks on DBE in Brazil, I will this time skip most of the politics and focus on how DBE can make everybody in the business of...