Maemo is migrating to Midgard

Maemo, the open source mobile device platform developed by Nokia is switching its web infrastructure to Midgard CMS. Ferenc Szekely writes:

We have conducted a study on migrating/integrating all existing services of with the Midgard CMS framework. Based on the study we have decided to go ahead and setup the new environment.

The highlights of the project are:

  • centralized account management using Garage
  • on-line documentation authoring using Midgard
  • proper and robust access control
  • automated API generating/publishing
  • database based Application Catalogue ;)

Nemein is participating in the project as the Midgard expert organization.

Updated 2006-10-26: The project is now well under way. The Midgard layout templates for Maemo and original specifications are available.

Updated 2006-10-29: Tuomas Kuosmanen has a good summary of the project too.

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