How much is your Midgard worth?

Inspired by the PHP Eats Rails for Breakfast report, I’ve registered Midgard CMS at Ohloh, a service tracking code contributions in various free software projects.

Even though it only covers the post-filesystem transition MidCOM and not whole Midgard, the Midgard Ohloh report has interesting things to tell:

  • Codebase: 235,264 lines of code
  • Estimated effort to produce: 62 man years
  • Cost to produce: 3,4 million USD
  • Programming languages:
    • PHP: 61%
    • Javascript: 27%
    • HTML: 10%

We’ll have to see how the numbers change once I add the main Midgard repository with its accumulated history since 1999.

Tobias Schlitt has more detailed analysis of a MidCOM competitor, eZ components on Ohloh.

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