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Compact homes of the future

Now that advertisements recognize you, flying cars are coming, and a Bond movie mostly uses off-the-shelf technology, we can say the future is really here.
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Regaining my wings

Because of time constraints I have not been flying as much as I should. However, if I want to keep my license current that has to change.

Iran and the possible march to war

Defense policies of Finland on whether we should join the NATO aside, I just hope I never will have to write a blog post like this:
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Meet Nabaztag, our new general manager

Nemein has today acquired a new General Manager into the company. We are delighted to benefit from the experience and keen insights of the brand new Nabaztag. Here you can see it already settled in our office:
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Contact management and Microformats

I’ve blogged earlier on how OpenPsa 2 can utilize information pulled from the websites of organizations and persons entered into the system.

Quick and dirty MidCOM caching with Cache_Lite

If you want to cache your MidCOM site, but are on a chrooted environment and so can’t run Squid, one option is to use the Cache_Lite PEAR package. To do this, you must have access to the page elements used on your site.
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Welcome to my new blog

This is the latest iteration of my home on the web. I’ve had a website since sometime in 1994, and under this same “iki” address since 2001. This latest design was actually made in spring 2006 after our US trip, but has been waiting in mothballs for the right moment.

Looking for a junior PHP/Midgard consultant

Nemein delivers browser based free software solutions. Our clients include some of the leading advertisement agencies in Finland as well as major private and public companies. Nemein is looking for a junior consultant to join our Midgard deployment team.