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GeoClue and Maemo Plazer

We had another Maemo hacking night here at the office. The plan was to write a proper UI for the Maemo Plazer, and integrate it with the GeoClue framework. Both of these were partially completed, but will need more thought and testing. Here’s a quick snapshot of the new UI:

Midgard and geotagging via email

Midgard is becoming smarter about tags. Now it not only supports tagging any objects and making tags contextual, but also machine tags:

Blogging on my N800

I'm posting this with the Maemo Blog application. We had a lunch with Santtu who wrote it, and I tried to demo how it doesn't work with my blog. And suddenly it did! Reverse demo effect ;-)

Short clip from Haidong Gumdo practice

We were practicing some basic Haidong Gumdo techniques with Jose today, and decided to try the video features of my N90. Here’s a quick clip of me doing the fourth basic technique:
cover image for Maemo Plazer released

Maemo Plazer released

Thanks to help from Ferenc, Maemo Plazer, the Plazes client for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is now available:

For a collaborative MWS

MWS, for those who don’t remember it, was a Midgard Weekly Summary. It was published every week from mid-1999 to sometime in 2001, first by me and later by Ken Pooley from the Sewanee University.
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This bunny talks Midgard

When this bunny joined our company, I wrote that the plan was to make our CRM system talk to the Nabaztag. Today the first step was taken by making a Nabaztag notifier plugin for the org.openpsa.notifications library.
cover image for Plazes on the N800

Plazes on the N800

Intergalactic hitchhikers get another treat: We have updated the older Maemo Plazer to work with the new Plazer API and the Maemo 3.0 that is on N800. We also integrated it more closely with the UI: