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cover image for First look at Rhapsody for N800

First look at Rhapsody for N800

Rhapsody, the music subscription service from Real Networks is now available for Nokia’s N800 Internet Tablet. While so far the music library Kerttu and I have accumulated has been perfectly enough for me, I decided to give Rhapsody a shot.

Bunch of Midgard tutorials appearing

Arttu Manninen upgraded his blog to MidCOM 2.6 and is now on a blogging frenzy together with his padawan Jaakko Tepponen. Lots of good snippets of information about Midgard usage are appearing…

Midgard Weekly Summary #70: March 23rd 2007

I’m back from the arctic hunting trip. One week away from even the cell phone network felt really good and the aurora borealis were simply gorgeous. Now it is time to again catch up with happenings in the Midgard community…
cover image for Midgard and the Finnish parliamentary election

Midgard and the Finnish parliamentary election

Finnish parliamentary election of 2007 was last Sunday. Unfortunately my candidate, Mikko Rauhala from the Liberal party and of Electronic Frontier Finland fame didn’t make it.
cover image for Maemo camera app and an OS 2007 update

Maemo camera app and an OS 2007 update

Via #maemo I heard that there is a Nokia-made camera application for the N800. Here’s a quick first picture from the office:

Maemo in Google Summer of Code

Maemo, the development platform for Nokia’s Internet Tablets is one of the organizations participating in Google Summer of Code 2007. SoC is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects.
cover image for Maemo Mapper, OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia

Maemo Mapper, OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia

Maemo Mapper is a map browsing and GPS navigation application for the Nokia Internet Tablets. So far this useful application has been in the legal grey area by relying on providers like Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth for its map tiles. This probably violates their terms of service and may cause problems later on.

Midgard Weekly Summary #69: March 8th 2007

This week’s MWS is a bit thin because of time constraints. This means some interesting things like MidCOM’s new style editor will be left to MWS #70.
cover image for WiFi autologins with Devicescape

WiFi autologins with Devicescape

I have blogged earlier of our plans to add WiFi autologin support to MaemoPlazer. However, I found out that there is already an autologin applet for the N800: Devicescape