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More work on Midgard's replication service

Midgard’s new replication service has been under work since January. Now the work is finally starting to bear fruit, as we’re doing the first tests with real production data.
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Jaiku: personal presence aggregator

This morning I’ve been exploring the Jaiku service. Jaiku is a combination of a social web service and a mobile phone application that takes the personal status and presence ideas of Twitter quite a bit further. The idea is to combine data from various services to provide a presence feed that can be shared with friends and colleagues.
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Royal Enfield: Built Like a Gun

My Triumph Legend TT, which has been a trusty companion on various adventures, had an engine failure last summer. As a result, I’ve been without a working motorcycle for almost a year.

Midgard Weekly Summary #71: April 5th 2007

Midgard developer meeting on June 1st - 3rd. The next Midgard developer meeting will be held in Helsinki University of Technology campus. Both developers and users are most welcome to join the event! There have been some thoughts of combining it with a Midgard seminar during friday the 1st.

The old offline vs. online debate

The rise of web applications like Gmail and Basecamp is bringing the good old offline vs. online debate again into picture.
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How successful is N800?

As a Maemo application developer, I of course wonder how many N800 or 770 internet tablets are out there. Nokia hasn’t released any figures as far as I know, but looking at Amazon’s Computers & PC Hardware top sellers, it seems that at least N800 is selling well. Today it was on sixth place, behind some different MacBook and Toshiba...