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Midgard Weekly Summary #74: May 11th 2007

Asgard reborn. Work has started to build a new administrative interface for Midgard. Asgard is completely powered by Midgard’s new reflection APIs and automatically supports managing all MgdSchema objects installed on a server
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Building a new admin interface for Midgard

We had a 19-hour hacking session last Friday with Arttu, Rambo and Jerry to build new “general Midgard admin UI” targeted at replacing Aegir and Spider Admin with something that follows both MgdSchema and MidCOM DBA rules and APIs, and so is compatible with Midgard 2.

Solution to slowness of my site coming

I’m really sorry for the state my site has been in for the last month or so. The server I’m hosted on is really starting to decay.

Midgard Weekly Summary #73: April 27th 2007

This week has been busy with Midgard-related releases. The MidCOM 2.8 and Midgard 1.8.3 combo is very enticing, as it enables trying out the new replication system.

Updates to the Midgard roadmap

There has been discussion on some changes to the near future roadmap of Midgard and MidCOM. Here are the proposed changes in nutshell:
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Flight visualization with Google Earth

This is probably old news to many, but Google Earth is a very nice tool for visualizing flight track logs. I went yesterday to the Helsinki-Malmi airport, intending to go to the traffic circuit for some landing practice with the club’s “moped Cessna”. Instead, through the magic of the old airport, my plan was changed into flying another plane for...

Why Jaiku beats Twitter

Since Midgard is now able to import my Jaiku presence information, I’ve finally switched to it completely from Twitter. Since the discussion about the merits of these two different services are being discussed actively, I though I should give some of my reasons: