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Finnair's excellent SMS check-in service

This is probably old news to most, but since I usually fly SAS my flight yesterday to Manchester for the State of the Map and GUADEC conferences was the first time I ran into Finnair’s check-in SMS service.
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Midgard and international URL transliteration

Midgard has been an early supporter of internationalization in open source CMSs, adding UTF-8 support already in 1999. Today I however got an innocent request: One thing to be considered is i18n and Unicode support, since the community wiki is the perfect place to host translated docs. I was quite confident that things would work out OK, but knew that...
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Making Midgard Wiki easier

Since started using the Midgard wiki component there has been discussion on whether it is feature-complete or easy enough to use. Main complaints have been about the “latest changes” view not supporting sub-wikis and missing Markdown documentation.
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When a holiday gets "interesting"

My holiday motorcycle trip of this summer was an interesting one, in the Chinese sense. The plan was to first ride to Switzerland to attend the first Haidong Gumdo European Championships, and then continue from there together with Juha to Montenegro. As it happens, Juha never got his motorcycle working, and my trip was filled with various adventures and misfortune,...
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Making public transport easier through open data

Public transport is efficient, cheap and quite green, which is why I’ve been very happy about new services hitting Helsinki Public Transport, like WiFi connectivity, and of the fact that nowadays it is possibly to wait for Espooi buses comfortably inside and underground. However, having used public transport in dozens of cities and countries, I’d say the biggest hindrance to...

Midgard uses Trac now

We’ve just switched Midgard and MidCOM to use the Trac project infrastructure. Seems very nice, especially as it uses Midgard site accounts for authentication.
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Diners Club going Social Web?

I recently logged in to the Diners Club extranet to check the credit card balance after our trip to Provence, and noticed a new feature there. They had picked some restaurant bills from my credit card statement and asked for me to rate them in a very typical Web 2.0 fashion:
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Time to pack

It is time to move and I’m packing my things. I loved the “little family” we ran for a while, the view we had over the roofs of Helsinki, and living in close proximity of some of my friends that enabled shared sauna evenings.

Welcome to the new server

My blog is now running on a virtual Debian box. It should provide much faster response times and better stability for my blog than the older solution. I will be sharing the server with Arttu from