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Photos and "interestingness"

I’ve been working on determining relevancy of news items recently. Something similar can be done to photos using the various metrics Flickr provides for interestingness, and not surprisingly, there is a service that enables you to do exactly this: Dopiaza’s Flickr Set Manager.
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Join the MidCOM Performance Sprint on August 30th

MidCOM is the PHP-level framework of Midgard CMS. With its nearly 500K lines of code, it every now and then is good to sit down and focus on performance optimization.
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Maemo Social News launched

Today has been a big day for not only was the Maemo Community Calendar released for beta testing, but we also launched the new Social News section on the site. Social news is an area where users can easily with one glance see all interesting things happening at the moment in the maemo world.
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On motorcycling

My good friend Skoll recently wrote of the motorcycling life:
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Nicer code editing in Asgard

Asgard is the new administrative interface being built for Midgard. The main objective is to get rid of the legacies of Aegir and SpiderAdmin by replacing them with a smart system that auto-generates admin UIs for all installed MgdSchema types. But small improvements also count, and so we decided to deploy CodePress for code editing:

Geoweb of the future

Bruce Sterling is running a fictional geoblog Dispatches From the Hyperlocal Future on Wired. Much of it deals with the possibilities that the connection between GeoRSS, Microformats and neogeography with mobile devices will bring:
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Calculating news item relevance

I’ve started working on a new Social News section for The idea of this area is to provide a centralized view on what is happening at the moment in the maemo community.
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GeoClue is appearing

Last weekend and this week I’ve been off to State of the Map in Manchester and GUADEC in Birmingham to speak about the GeoClue project with Andrew Turner and Tuomas Kuosmanen.

Maps in Midgard, abstracted

We had some discussion about what features make CMS a GeoCMS with GeoPress and Drupal geo developers in State of the Map, and a list should be published soon. Based on our discussions I decided that Midgard should also make it easy to actually display positioned data on maps.