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jQuery and CouchDB

CouchDB is a very interesting evolution in open source data storage: an ad-hoc document database with replication support. I heard the first time about CouchDB when Jan Lehnardt was presenting it in FrOSCon a month ago, and became immediately very interested.

Web CMSs: what does Midgard do?

Column Two has an interesting post titled What does a web CMS do? with a table listing features that are integral to a web CMS, and what can be handled separately.
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Hiking in the weekend

The “ruska season” has now started and so we decided to go hiking in the Evo area last weekend.
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Position editing widget for Midgard

Midgard has had quite cool GeoCMS features for a while now: any objects can be positioned and retrieved via position, and maps are easy to display anywhere. We also can use cool services like Plazes for automatically positioning new content created by users.
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Creation mode for Midgard's chooser widget

Midgard’s datamanager2 form handling library has a very nice jQuery-powered chooser widget which enables search-based selections. This is often used in situations where the data set user is choosing from is large, as is often the case when selecting persons from a large organization for instance.
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Some notes from MidCOM performance workshop

Today we’ve been hacking in the woods as part of the MidCOM Performance Sprint. Together with yesterday’s bug day this has resulted in quite a few commits.
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Midgard supports OpenID

Inspired by a talk in FrOSCon on Sunday, I went and implemented OpenID support into Midgard on the flight back. OpenID is a quite cool system for cross-site single sign-on and auto-registration. With OpenID your user identity is tied to a web address you control, for example Every time I want to log in to an OpenID-enabled website, that...
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Greg Stein got mugged :-(

Greg Stein, of WebDAV, SVN and ASF fame, got violently mugged last Friday in Mountain View: They gave Greg a black eye and a serious laceration to the head which required numerous stiches. Apparently, he was bleeding profusely when the ambulance came. The doctors were worried about his head wound and he spent the entire night under observation and went...