Web CMSs: what does Midgard do?

Column Two has an interesting post titled What does a web CMS do? with a table listing features that are integral to a web CMS, and what can be handled separately.

I thought to list how Midgard handles those:

Capability Midgard way of handling
Authoring and publishing web pages Yes, definitely
Multimedia content Midgard can manage images and video to a simple extent
Personalisation Easy to do via the API
Online forms Multiple handlers available, like email forms, event registration and incident reporting
Online calendar Yes, with quite comprehensive feature set
Blogs Built-in, with RSS in and out, geoblogging and commenting
Search Midgard uses the Lucene search tool
Collaboration tools OpenPsa can be used to some extent
Wikis Midgard provides a quite nice wiki
Web 2.0 functionality Depends on definition, we have OpenID, social networking (with some portability), voting and other related features
Mailing lists Midgard's discussion forum can act as mailing list front-end
E-commerce functionality Midgard has a product database and provides a simple shopping cart built-in
Corporate document/records management No, whole market of its own
Digital asset management (DAM) No, obtain separately
Usage statistics No, obtain separately

The fact that Midgard supports almost everything listed may sound like bloat, but we actually do this quite elegantly because of the component architecture that enables site builders to pick and use whatever pieces of functionality they need.

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