Making Midgard Wiki easier

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Since started using the Midgard wiki component there has been discussion on whether it is feature-complete or easy enough to use. Main complaints have been about the “latest changes” view not supporting sub-wikis and missing Markdown documentation.

Latest updates are now shown in a way quite similar to MoinMoin:


Markdown should be easier to edit with the toolbar:


Markdown syntax reference is available by clicking the help icon in the top-right corner of the toolbar:


The Markdown toolbar is based on Control.TextArea and is available to any datamanager2 field using the “markdown” widget type. Similarly, the “Change message” field is a regular text field of type “rcsmessage” that will update the revision control service.

Updated 15:24: Since preview was also a popular request I’ve added that too:


Note: this has been tagged to appear also on Planet Maemo since the changes discussed here were requested by them.

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