Midgard and the Finnish parliamentary election

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Finnish parliamentary election of 2007 was last Sunday. Unfortunately my candidate, Mikko Rauhala from the Liberal party and of Electronic Frontier Finland fame didn’t make it.

In any case, Midgard powered the web campaigns of at least two candidates: Rapper Pikku G (h07.fi) didn’t quite make it, but skier Juha Mieto (juhamieto.fi) won in the Vaasa constituency with a landslide.

Midgard-Pikkug-2007 Midgard-Juhamieto-2007

Midgard provides a very good base for such campaign sites. A campaign blog can easily be updated on the road using the email features found in any smartphone, photos and calendar events are easy to maintain, and everything serves machine readable RSS and microformats. The direct marketing system also makes it possible to keep in touch with campaign activists using email newsletters and SMS.

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