Freedom Fry on GNU's 25th anniversary

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The Free Software Foundation's GNU project turned 25 last week, and the English humorist Stephen Fry made a video to commemorate it:

Stephen Fry on 25 years of Free Software

Benjamin Mako Hill posted some thoughts on how the first generation of free software developers has grown:

Certainly, GNU has matured and accomplished wonderful things in last quarter-century. More importantly perhaps, it's produced wonderful progeny. It has spawned hundreds of thousands of free software projects, thousands of free or nearly-free operating systems, and an unbelievably vibrant global free and open source software community. Beyond the software realm, the free culture movement, most free licensing projects, and much of the access to knowledge movement can trace a connection back to GNU. We are living, and building, a new generation of the free software movement.

As computers are becoming more and more ubiquitous, and affect more and more every aspect of our lives, software freedom becomes a strong necessity. I personally have been involved with free software since late 90s. It gives me the operating system for our servers, our programming language, and our toolkit. It also gives me an amazing community to work and share ideas with. It is hard to imagine working in a world without them.

To support free software, write some code, use a free operating system, join the Fellowship, and celebrate the Software Freedom Day on September 20th!

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