Midgard Weekly Summary #71: April 5th 2007

  • Midgard developer meeting on June 1st - 3rd. The next Midgard developer meeting will be held in Helsinki University of Technology campus. Both developers and users are most welcome to join the event! There have been some thoughts of combining it with a Midgard seminar during friday the 1st.

  • MidCOM style editor preview. Arttu Manninen has posted information on the new MidCOM style editor. The style editor helps MidCOM site builders to customize output templates of the system to their needs. The editor is available in the MidCOM 2.7 branch

  • Midgard 1.8.3 preview out. Piotr Pokora has published a preview of the upcoming 1.8.3 release into the developer downloads section. The new release fixes some command-line PHP usage issues and adds features to the replication interface

  • Lots of other things are also happening. Recent commits have included things like user-provided rating support for any Midgard object, new replication services and initial Mono bindings. Some of these will be featured in the next MWS issue. Keep the suggestions coming!

About Midgard

Midgard CMS is an Open Source Content Management System built on top of the Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) platform. It provides a reliable, powerful and internationalized set of tools for building web sites and networked applications.

Midgard utilizes PHP as the web scripting language and provides integration interfaces on Java and C layers. Midgard’s unique architecture enables it to provide services like single sign-on and replication. With these capabilities and the integrated full-text search system, Midgard is an excellent match for information-rich web sites and intranets.

Places to see Midgard in Action:

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