GeoClue and Maemo Plazer

cover image for GeoClue and Maemo Plazer

We had another Maemo hacking night here at the office. The plan was to write a proper UI for the Maemo Plazer, and integrate it with the GeoClue framework. Both of these were partially completed, but will need more thought and testing. Here’s a quick snapshot of the new UI:


GeoClue is also now partially supported. Maemo Plazer registers itself as a backend and does things like raise the current_position_changed signal when Plaze changes. Unfortunately however the GeoClue position API would require some methods to return multiple values, and I haven’t figured out how to do this with dbus-python. If a Python hacker wants to take a look, the code is in SVN.

In addition to the Maemo Plazer hacking done by Rambo and me, Jerry was doing some RoadWarrior work .