OSCMS Summit: Manage your personal information space with Midgard

Open Source Content Management System Summit 2007 will be held in Sunnyvale, CA on March 22nd and 23rd. I’ve proposed the following session:

Manage your personal information space with Midgard

Social web services like Flickr and del.icio.us provide new ways to work and share data with others. However, they also mean that your data is spread around dozens of services, companies and servers.

Midgard can be set up to act as your personal information hub, synchronizing your content with the various Web 2.0 services and displaying them in your own style as a mashup. This means your content can also be secure in a server you control.

You can connect the data from different services together and enrich it with data produced with Midgard's own components. Consider for example having the following play nicely together:

  • Blog entries coming from an external blog service or Midgard itself
  • Bookmarks coming from del.icio.us
  • Photos coming from Flickr
  • Videos coming from Youtube
  • Status messages coming from Twitter
  • ...all connected with geolocation data coming from Plazes and shared via RSS feeds and Microformats

In this session we look at how such a personal information space can be set up with Midgard, and how new functionalities or data connections can be developed for it.

This is somewhat related to the Feeds, Synchronization and the Free Software Desktop session we held with Tigert in GUADEC last year.

If you’re interested in the idea, please go and vote for the session. While I’m using Midgard’s connectivity features as an example, the base ideas are actually quite generic and could be implemented with any CMS.

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