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The Cell phone is the Computer

A BBC article is reporting how cell phones have become ubiquitous in the developing world, and how they instead of "regular" computers will be the communications, learning and business platform in many of those regions. If I had told you ten years ago that by the end of 2007 there would be an international network of wirelessly-connected computers throughout the...
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Sun acquires MySQL

MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database has today been bought by Sun Microsystems. Congratulations to Monty and the rest of the team! Billion dollars, quite a deal in the free software space.
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I’ve spent today in the Plazes headquarters in Berlin attending the PlazeCamp developer event. Plazes is a social website that connects WiFi networks with geographical positioning and can be used for event coordination and as a location source for various services.
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In COSS steering group

COSS - the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions - is a national development agency for open source business ecosystem. COSS consists of 125 Finnish Open Source companies, several universities and public administration.

On companies that are bigger than countries

This is mostly old news, but The Pirate’s Dilemma - an excellent post on open innovation - highlighted it quite strongly: Roughly two-thirds the world’s 150 largest economies aren’t nations, but corporations.
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The universal communicator

And I’m not talking about vodka this time, but instead about the latest internet tablet from Nokia, the N810. I’ve now had the device for some weeks, and it has really started to replace the laptop in many situations.
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TKK goes Midgard

Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), the oldest university of technology in Finland launched their new site today:
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Replicating Ajatus with your colleagues

I’ve mentioned before that Ajatus is a P2P CRM, but what does that mean? It means that Ajatus has been designed to be a personal tool for information management, but that is has also been designed to help you connect with anyone you need to work with.
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First beta of Ajatus available

Barely made it in December, but first beta of Ajatus, the distributed CRM is now available. Enjoy!