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Calculating attention with Midgard

Last week I was pondering how to add attention profiling support to the Midgard framework, and now it is there. Midgard is able to gather user’s interests and attention from multiple sources: listened trackssocial news favoriting...and other imported APML sources What remains to be seen is how this will be used to make websites smarter and more useful...
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Appliances are starting to take over

Nokia’s Linux-based internet tablet was Amazon’s best selling computer in 2007, and top 3 personal computer in holiday sales. Congratulations to the maemo team!
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Putting Attention to Midgard

Information overload is becoming a major issue, and more sophisticated solutions will be needed to tackle it. With Midgard we’ve already taken some steps into this space by creating tools for calculating newsworthiness of stories in order to present only relevant ones to a user.
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Embedding simple PHP scripts in Midgard

MidCOM, the PHP framework for Midgard CMS has over hundred components for various purposes ranging from blogging to waste management statistics. But even with all of them it is sometimes useful to embed some custom PHP scripts to a site. The old method of doing this was using a custom style for a folder and including PHP files there, which...

Knol - Google's publishing platform

Quite a lot has been said about the Knol project announced recently by Google. While many see it as a direct Wikipedia competitor, there are quite significant differences: Instead of collaborating on articles every author makes their ownGoogle promises to display article authorship prominently and to share profits from ads in an articleArticles written by individual authors compete with articles...
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Making Ajatus feel like a native app

Ajatus, our new distributed CRM app is evolving very quickly. For example, this week we got form validation and auto-saving support, and there has been talk of supporting binary file attachments.
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Site structure planning with WriteMaps is a handy web-based tool for planning website structures in a mind map -like format. The tool allows for storage and working on the designs in collaborative fashion.
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Yubikey - simple approach to authentication tokens

Simon Josefsson was giving a talk on OpenID in the Scandinavian Free Software Conference. OpenID is a lightweight single sign-on and auto-registration system for web applications. In concept it is quite similar to Shibboleth but easier to deploy.
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Onboard Internet

Today Finland is celebrating 90th birthday of the Republic, and so it is appropriate to write about how things are better in Sweden, where I’m visiting the first Scandinavian Free Software Conference.
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The returning Age of Sail

It seems that with the rising oil prices the Age of Sail is returning, even if in a modified format. SkySails is a system that enables freighters to tap into high-altitude winds with a power kite to reduce fuel consumption.