Making Ajatus feel like a native app

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Ajatus, our new distributed CRM app is evolving very quickly. For example, this week we got form validation and auto-saving support, and there has been talk of supporting binary file attachments.

As we’re nearing first release, the plan is to start dogfooding Ajatus quite soon. For me personally this has been cause of some concern, as Ajatus is quite browser-intensive and my Firefox 3 beta has proven to be crashy. So, a Web Worker Daily story on site-specific browsers came at a very good time: in a couple of minutes I had Fluid installed and was having a separate Ajatus window launchable straight from the OS X Dock.

Fast, nice, and separate from whatever I may be doing in my actual browsing sessions. I like it.

Initial Fluid setup
Setting up Ajatus in Fluid

Ajatus running as a Fluid app
Ajatus as a Mac desktop app!

Note: Mozilla Lab’s Prism does the same with a more cross-platform, but I like Fluid for the WebKit speed and simplicity.

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