Black box voting comes to Finland

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It is not who votes that counts

According to the Finnish Ministry of Justice, the new electronic voting system that will be used in next municipal elections is a proprietary system.

This means that Finland enters the era of Black Box Voting where the algorithms used for counting votes are secret and there is no paper trail.

Electronic Frontier Finland (Effi) writes:

"Companies may have business secrets, but democratic elections require transparency", says Effi board member Jyri Luostarinen. "How is it possible that the justice ministry buys an election system that has operations that can not be publicized for business reasons?"

The Finnish electronic voting system will be delivered by TietoEnator, a company which hasn't even gotten the parliamentary electronic voting panels used by 199 MPs to work reliably.

It is not too late to support or join Electronic Frontier Finland!

Image adapted from The Diebold Variations site. Diebold is a US vendor of proprietary, and often faulty elections machines.

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