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Midgard developers in Linköping

Last weekend a group of European Midgard developers gathered to Linköping, Sweden for the Midgard developer meeting of winter 2008. Over the last four years Linköping seems to have established itself as the place to hold the winter meeting, with summer meetings differing in place. In 2006 we went to Poznan, Poland and in 2007 to Otaniemi, Finland. The meeting...
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Maemo and Midgard go well together

We're in Linköping, Sweden for the Midgard developer meeting, and I suddenly realised the Midgard community really likes Nokia's internet tablets. Not only does run on Midgard (earlier this week "sideported" to MidCOM 2.8), but many Midgardians are also active Tableteers. So no wonder over the course of the meeting we saw the maemo application manager display an interesting...
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Conferences this spring

While last autumn was more quiet, this spring seems to have a number of events that I'm going to: Feb 15th - 17th: Midgard developer meeting in Linköping, Sweden. Lots of hacking and talking about Midgard 2 and MidCOM 3 Feb 22nd - 24th: FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium. I'm going for Open Business Organisations of Europe (OBOOE) meeting on behalf...
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Some plans for MidCOM 3

MidCOM is the PHP framework used for building sites with Midgard CMS. Over years it has accumulated lots of components and features, and currently weights around half million lines of code. At the same time the design, while being well designed, suffers from having to work around lots of limitations in PHP4 and the old Midgard API. In preparation for...
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Consolidating your online identity

If you're using multiple social web services, you will also have multiple online identities. For creating a comprehensive online persona, consolidation between the various profiles would be useful. To aid in this, and to enable social network portability, Google has started aggregating social networking data marked up in the XFN and rel=me microformats to build a comprehensive social graph. Having...

Nokia to acquire Trolltech, makers of Qt

Nokia has announced today that they're intending to acquire Trolltech, the Norwegian company behind the Qt cross-platform widget set and the Qtopia mobile platform. Ari Jaaksi from Nokia writes: Both GNOME and KDE are very interesting and active projects. Our strong participation in the Gnome community and the new access to KDE and Trolltech's technology puts us in an unique...
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Black box voting comes to Finland

According to the Finnish Ministry of Justice, the new electronic voting system that will be used in next municipal elections is a proprietary system. This means that Finland enters the era of Black Box Voting where the algorithms used for counting votes are secret and there is no paper trail. Electronic Frontier Finland (Effi) writes: "Companies may have business secrets,...
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Open Source companies of Europe, unite!

A week ago I spent some time in Berlin representing the Finnish Centre for Open Source Solutions (COSS). The event was about building a new pan-European network for Open Source companies.
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Nokia Internet Tablet N800 as Family's Portable Media Center

This is a guest blog by Outi and Jyrki Wahlstedt. I loaned my N800 to them in late December and here they write about their experiences with the device. Our Internet tablet is present almost imperceptibly in our life from dawn till dusk. It wakes us up in the morning, and tells news in the evening. It is small and...
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The Nemein team on a map

We're in the process of publishing the new corporate website today. While our web needs are actually quite simple, the site includes some nice features. As we're involved in GeoCMS development, one such feature is the active team map: The OpenStreetMap gets automatically updated as we move around. This doesn't however mean that we've GPS collared our employees, but instead...