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Some Midgard roadmapping

There has been some discussion on how the different items in the Midgard roadmap fit together. Here is my company's view on how we see ourselves proceeding. Baseline: Midgard 1.8, MidCOM 2.8 and PHP 5.2 At least in our company we're trying to consolidate all customers to these version numbers. MidCOM 2.8 is a very capable (if heavy) platform that...
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Weekend of Haedong Kumdo

Grand Master Kim Jeong Seong of the United World Haedong Kumdo Federation visited Helsinki last weekend to hold a seminar on Korean traditional swordmanship. The weekend was a very interesting combination of various sword forms, two sword sparring and cutting and control exercises. We also held examinations for various belt levels, where I attained 1st keub (red-black). Our instructors Jose...
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Yahoo! Fire Eagle knows where my phone moves

I've been a happy user of the Jaiku S60 client for a while now. It not only allows me to coordinate things with my friends on the move, but also positions my phone using cell IDs. So far I've used the WiFi positioning based Plazes client for updating location on my site, but the thought of also using Jaiku has...
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On Finnish Internet censorship

Since late 2006 Finland has been quietly enacting its own form of Internet censorship, a practice more typically connected with various oppressive regimes, and not with a democratic country. The Finnish variation is a DNS blocking system ostensibly targeted at child porn. The system is however very dubiously implemented using secret block lists maintained by the police, and it blocks...

XMPP publish/subscribe for Midgard and Ajatus replication

On the side of FOSDEM we went today to the XMPP devcon held here in Brussels. In there we started formulating our ideas of XMPP publish/subscribe (XEP-0060) based replication for both Midgard and Ajatus.
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Podcast on Nikola Tesla

Tank Riot from two weeks ago has a podcast on Nikola Tesla, a very interesting character behind many of the inventions that enabled the modern age, including AC electricity, radio, and possibly even more interesting things. From the Wikipedia page: Tesla is best known for his many revolutionary contributions to the discipline of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th...
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Offline web applications: a technology trend of 2008

MIT Technology Review's 10 Emerging Technologies of 2008 report includes offline web applications as a rising trend. When developing Ajatus, our new P2P personal CRM the offline issue was often in our minds. We even wrote in the manifesto: Ideas may come to you when you're sitting in a bus, boarding an airplane or visiting a hospital. For a CRM...
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Midgard developers in Linköping

Last weekend a group of European Midgard developers gathered to Linköping, Sweden for the Midgard developer meeting of winter 2008. Over the last four years Linköping seems to have established itself as the place to hold the winter meeting, with summer meetings differing in place. In 2006 we went to Poznan, Poland and in 2007 to Otaniemi, Finland. The meeting...
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Maemo and Midgard go well together

We're in Linköping, Sweden for the Midgard developer meeting, and I suddenly realised the Midgard community really likes Nokia's internet tablets. Not only does run on Midgard (earlier this week "sideported" to MidCOM 2.8), but many Midgardians are also active Tableteers. So no wonder over the course of the meeting we saw the maemo application manager display an interesting...