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Midgard 2: more than just PHP, more than just CMS

As Midgard 2 is already in alpha stage, I though it would be good to update the architecture diagram to showcase the new Midgard structure. This includes multiple language bindings, MidCOM3, D-Bus interprocess communications and other things. With these changes Midgard 2 can function either as a full-fledged CMS, a PHP MVC framework, or a persistent storage framework for multiple...
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Firefox 3: soon

I've been using various Firefox 3 test builds since winter for production and I have to say things look really good. Soon it will be released, and then there will be a Download Day with attempt for a Guinness World Record. Go and pledge to join ! Technorati Tags: firefox

SQL-level debugging with Midgard

We're currently in the stage where two branches of Midgard: 1.9 and 2.0 are both in active development. Midgard 2 is the fully legacy-free next generation of Midgard, and 1.9 is a transitional release that provides both Midgard 2 and Midgard 1 APIs to ease migration. The active development status means that bugs are bound to be found in them....
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Headed out for a walk

I'm now headed to Santiago de Compostela via a Haedong Kumdo seminar in Sweden. This means that I will be spending most of May walking. In the meanwhile, my progress can be followed via Jaiku or Plazes. Technorati Tags: pilgrimage, santiagodecompostela
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Midgard 2: Finally legacy-free

While watching Everaldo work on the upcoming Midgard C# bindings, I decided to try running Midgard 2 with lighttpd. After quite a lot of struggling to get latest SVN checkout to compile on my mac, and some playing with lighty rewrite rules, I was greeted with a working MidCOM 3 page: So, after such a long time, Midgard 2 is...
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GeoClue presentation in FISL 9.0

I'm currently in Porto Alegre, Brazil attending the 9th International Free Software Forum (FISL) - a huge conference with some seven thousand participants. My talk in the event will be about GeoClue, the geo-information framework designed for Linux-based mobile devices. For those unable to be there or missing the 9am talk because of the parties tonight, the slides are now...
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Numpty Physics and Fennec: the tablet is becoming more fun

I've been using my N810 as sort of an universal communicator for a while now, and for this it has generally served well. The only thing I really miss is Skype video calls. But other than that, I haven't been using the tablet too much. In real-world usage I've found the browser way too unresponsive, and the RSS reader too...

GitHub for MidCOM 3 developers

Yesterday Arttu Manninen posted notes on how to use git for MidCOM 3 development. In addition to the usage he described, the other way to work on the next generation PHP framework for Midgard is using the GitHub service. Rails on the Run has quite good tutorial. Technorati Tags: midcom, midgard, git, github

Shell usage statistics

This meme seems to be running again: Compass:~ bergie$ history|awk '{print $2}'|awk 'BEGIN {FS="|"} {print $1}'|sort|uniq -c | sort -nr |head -n 10 209 git 47 svn 30 cd 24 sudo 24 phing 18 ssh 16 ls 13 vi 12 ~/ajatus_ssh_replicate 12 scp Interesting to see how the stats have changed in one and half years. Main changes are due...
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Zenburn colors for PHP editing in SubEthaEdit

In my company we're using the SubEthaEdit collaborative editor for our development work. It is nice to be able to share editing sessions when pair programming, or just showing a particular solution to a colleague. Yesterday's popular alerted me to the Zenburn color scheme for programmers. It is a quite nice low-contrast color scheme developed by Jani Nurminen. To...