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Document locking hits MidCOM 2.8

Latest MidCOM 2.8 has a feature that has been resurrected from earlier in the series: document locking. The point of locking is to prevent accidental simultaneous editing of a document by multiple users. When user starts editing a document via datamanager-powered form, the document will be marked as locked for that user. Other users accessing the document will see a...
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Quality of Life: Helsinki gets good score

The latest issue of Monocle just dropped in my mailbox. The cover story this time is quality of life in various global cities. Helsinki did quite well, being 5th on the list. Defects listed with the city included shops being closed on Sundays and low immigration levels. From my view the city is doing many things right, including increasing rail...
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nüvi 880: First device to carry GeoClue?

GPS manufacturer Garmin has recently released the modified sources of their nüvi 880 and 5000 in-car navigators. Looking at the packages reveals that these devices are powered by GNOME Mobile and GeoClue, the toolkit for making mobile Linux applications location-aware: On downloading and Inspecting the large (and nicely organized) 8xx source tarball (list of files here) its very apparent the...

Scrum in management of a small software consultancy

Over the years we at Nemein have been experimenting with various ways of keeping our operations managed. Now with some personnel changes including Joe's departure it was a good time to change the way we work again. I had some goals: Keeping status of different projects up-to-date with more accuracy Ensuring our sales and project management knows if some project...

GNOME in decay?

Andy Wingo is writing about how he feels the GNOME project is in a state of decadence: The problem, as I see it, is that GNOME is in a state of decadence -- we largely achieved what we set out to achieve, insofar as it was possible. Now our hands are full with dealing with entropic decay. Take, for example,...
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iPhone, GeoClue and making mobile devices location-aware

Lifehacker has an interesting story on how location-aware iPhone will change things: There's a lot of speculation as to what we can expect from next week's iPhone announcements, but there's one thing you can be sure of: The iPhone's location-aware features will change your life. Whether that means pinpointing your location on a Google Map (which iPhones already do), tracking...
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Midgard 2: more than just PHP, more than just CMS

As Midgard 2 is already in alpha stage, I though it would be good to update the architecture diagram to showcase the new Midgard structure. This includes multiple language bindings, MidCOM3, D-Bus interprocess communications and other things. With these changes Midgard 2 can function either as a full-fledged CMS, a PHP MVC framework, or a persistent storage framework for multiple...
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Firefox 3: soon

I've been using various Firefox 3 test builds since winter for production and I have to say things look really good. Soon it will be released, and then there will be a Download Day with attempt for a Guinness World Record. Go and pledge to join ! Technorati Tags: firefox

SQL-level debugging with Midgard

We're currently in the stage where two branches of Midgard: 1.9 and 2.0 are both in active development. Midgard 2 is the fully legacy-free next generation of Midgard, and 1.9 is a transitional release that provides both Midgard 2 and Midgard 1 APIs to ease migration. The active development status means that bugs are bound to be found in them....
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Headed out for a walk

I'm now headed to Santiago de Compostela via a Haedong Kumdo seminar in Sweden. This means that I will be spending most of May walking. In the meanwhile, my progress can be followed via Jaiku or Plazes. Technorati Tags: pilgrimage, santiagodecompostela