nüvi 880: First device to carry GeoClue?

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Garmin nüvi 880
GPS manufacturer Garmin has recently released the modified sources of their nüvi 880 and 5000 in-car navigators. Looking at the packages reveals that these devices are powered by GNOME Mobile and GeoClue, the toolkit for making mobile Linux applications location-aware:

On downloading and Inspecting the large (and nicely organized) 8xx source tarball (list of files here) its very apparent the device built upon a GNOME Mobile based stack (with X, Matchbox and GTK+ etc). Also interestingly it also contains GeoClue, PulseAudio and seemingly both Ogg Vorbis and Flac support.

Great to see GeoClue finally hitting devices!

Via ButterFeet and Jussi Kukkonen.