iPhone, GeoClue and making mobile devices location-aware

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iPhone location-awareness on Lifehacker
Lifehacker has an interesting story on how location-aware iPhone will change things:

There's a lot of speculation as to what we can expect from next week's iPhone announcements, but there's one thing you can be sure of: The iPhone's location-aware features will change your life. Whether that means pinpointing your location on a Google Map (which iPhones already do), tracking your friends when you go out, or giving you a heads-up on the best place to eat within a three-block radius, the location-aware future is bright.

The scenarios described in the story are very similar to what we've been discussing regarding GeoClue, the framework for making mobile Linux devices location-aware.

With iPhone pushing innovation it is very important that mobile Linux environments like GNOME Mobile, maemo and QTopia pick up the ball and start making location-aware solutions powered by more than just GPS. GeoClue can help there.

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