GeoClue in GUADEC Istanbul

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GUADEC: Meet, Plan, Party!
On Planet GNOME I can see lots of people have already arrived to Istanbul for next week's GUADEC conference. I'm also flying there on Tuesday. On Wednesday Jussi Kukkonen, Iain Holmes and I will be talking about location-aware applications with GeoClue and Gypsy at 3:30pm in X-Large.

In preparation for the talk, be sure to check out my GeoClue slides from FISL and the GeoClue project page. iPhone, Symbian and Google are all pushing for more geographically aware applications and web, and free software will need tools like GeoClue to keep up.

Another interesting thing in the conference will be that the location of next year's GUADEC and aKademy will be announced. I'm keeping my thumbs up for Tampere, Finland. You should too!

But whatever happens with the 2009 conferences, I will be happy to be in Istanbul. If you're there, contact me and let us have a beer in the shady corners of Beyoğlu...