Notes from GUADEC Istanbul

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GUADEC is held in Istanbul this year, and as has been the custom in 2006 and 2007, I again came there to discuss making the Linux desktop location aware.

Hagia Sophia from the ferry

This year I gave the "GeoClue and Gypsy - geo-information frameworks for mobile Linux desktops" talk together with Jussi Kukkonen and Iain Holmes.

Guadec 2008 GeoClue talk

With Linux devices hitting more and more pockets time was finally ripe for the talk, and hopefully soon we shall see GeoClue in places like the GNOME Panel Clock and Telepathy.

Slides are available from both Google Docs and Slideshare.

Other things to take out from this conference:

Guadec 2008 Cocktail Party

Latest information about where GUADEC and aKademy will be held in 2009 is that it is still open. Apparently KDE's vote ended in draw between Gran Canaria and Tampere, and now the boards of both foundations are considering the options.

Tonight we will go to a cruise on the Bosphorus...

Rumeli Hisari