Some notes from aKademy 2008

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I'm currently in aKademy, the KDE conference, talking about adding the geographical context into the Linux desktop. GeoClue, our solution to this problem is built to be desktop-agnostic service, and therefore the same talk has been held in both GUADEC and aKademy.

Here are some notes from the conference:

  • There was quite a good amount of interest in GeoClue. Both Plasma and Marble teams were talking with me, and I also gave an interview for Linux-Magazin Online
  • Plasma is interesting tool for integrating widgets into the desktop. Being able to add widgets to the screensaver is also a great idea
  • Another interesting Plasma idea is offering user widgets that are relevant for the current location coming from GeoClue. This means that when you land in London, you could be offered an Underground route planner app
  • In general it seems the desktops are moving to a more service-oriented paradigm. With D-Bus your instant messaging functionality for instance can be part of any or all applications. This enables making much thinner and experimental applications that still integrate well with the desktop
  • Marble is cool! With it, Qt developers can integrate a map widget into any application, making geo-aware tools much more visual
  • openSUSE build service is about to get new features that will help generating virtual machine images
  • The beer evening in the Het Anker brewery was a lot of fun. Thanks, Nokia!
  • Speaking of Nokia, they are here really in force. They are the main event sponsor, and have a big bunch of people attending. Their acquisition of TrollTech has really changed the situation. Hopefully they'll do the right thing about GeoClue and Maemo

More stuff in my Jaiku notes. My GeoClue slides are also available.