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Volkswagen's 1 liter car looks promising

Volkswagen has released some information about their 1 liter per 100km car that will supposedly debut in 2010, and I have to say it looks cool: It provides the combination of compactness and fuel economy that usually only motorcycles reach, and at the same time protects from the elements. As I've always loved the old Messerschmitt mini-cars it resembles I...
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GeoClue in GUADEC Istanbul

On Planet GNOME I can see lots of people have already arrived to Istanbul for next week's GUADEC conference. I'm also flying there on Tuesday. On Wednesday Jussi Kukkonen, Iain Holmes and I will be talking about location-aware applications with GeoClue and Gypsy at 3:30pm in X-Large. In preparation for the talk, be sure to check out my GeoClue slides...
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Professional versus personal blogging

My blog is where I post mostly about things related to technology, while personal happenings are noted in my Jaiku lifestream. Wordle visualizes the differences quite well. Here is the professional blog: And my Jaiku feed: Post inspired by Carlos's maemo wordle.
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Midgard releases and marketing

The Coccinella IM project published an interesting entry on potential marketing impact of synchronized software releases: How can we copy the marketing successes of Apple and Microsoft to open-source? Some may suggest we need someone like Steve Jobs, whilst others would like to spend more money on launch events. They are both wrong! Trying to copy Steve Jobs or Microsoft's...
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MidCOM 3 and built-in WebDAV

There has been some discussion about the deployment model for the upcoming MidCOM 3 MVC framework for PHP and Midgard 2. My suggestion was to enable WebDAV on all MidCOM servers so content structures, configurations and templates could be moved between them with simple drag-and-drop. This week we're having a MidCOM 3 coding sprint, and now we can already mount...

Big Midgard release day

Today has been an important day for the Midgard Project - development versions of both active Midgard branches were launched: Midgard 1.9.0alpha1 "White Nights" released Midgard 1.9 has been designed as a version easing the transition from Midgard 1.x to Midgard 2. To aid developers, the release includes both the classic Midgard APIs that are now deprecated, and the new...
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Plazes goes Nokia

A more interesting piece of news today was that Nokia has acquired Plazes, the WiFi positioning company. I've been a Plazes user for quite a while and am using it as a position source for my website in addition to Fireeagle. I hope the acquisition will increase Plazes' resources to develop and expand the service to new areas of mobile...
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Firefox 3 Download Day: 5 million and counting

The Firefox 3 Download Day started yesterday at 18:16 UTC, and so there are still 10 hours remaining to download the browser. Originally the download day had 1.5 million download pledges, but it seems that since then the download count has by far exceeded the expectations of the Mozilla team: at moment the download counter shows over five million downloads....
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Big Brother lives in Sweden?

We thought the country of Big Brother might be China, or maybe UK. But looks like the Swedish are eager to get there first. Sweden passed a controversial wiretapping law: Sweden on Wednesday adopted contentious legislation that will give officials sweeping powers to eavesdrop on all e-mail and telephone traffic that crosses the Nordic nation's borders. ... "This is just...
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Tampere is a candidate for GUADEC and aKademy 2009

GUADEC and aKademy will possibly be arranged together in 2009. As the events are looking for a venue, we at COSS (Centre for Open Source Solutions Finland) decided to apply to have the events in Tampere, Finland. Tampere is an old industrial city situated between two lakes. It has quite good flight connections (including Ryanair) to Europe, and fast rail...