Sun acquires MySQL

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MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database has today been bought by Sun Microsystems. Congratulations to Monty and the rest of the team! Billion dollars, quite a deal in the free software space.


Jonathan Schwartz writes:

This puts products like MySQL in an interesting position. They're a part of every web company's infrastructure, to be sure. And though many of the more traditional companies use MySQL (from auto companies to financial institutions to banks and retailers), many have been waiting for a Fortune 500 vendor willing to step up, to provide mission critical global support.

So what are we announcing today? That in addition to acquiring MySQL, Sun will be unveiling new global support offerings into the MySQL marketplace. We'll be investing in both the community, and the marketplace - to accelerate the industry's phase change away from proprietary technology to the new world of open web platforms.

MySQL has been the trusty storage back-end of our Midgard CMS for a decade now. To those worried about the acquisition, it should be noted that Midgard 2 is built on top of GNOME’s libgda database abstraction library and can run also on top of Postgres and SQLite storage.

The first alpha of Midgard 2 libraries should be out soon so we can start porting MidCOM

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