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The Midgard Project turns one

It is now a year since Midgard 1.0 was first released, taking the development project into public view.

Midgard European tour

have posted the initial plans for the Midgard European tour and developer meeting 2000.
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Minor site updates

Another small-scale update to the site.

New site version online

The version 5.0 of Bergie’s site is now available in

Some site improvements

There have been some small improvements made for Bergie’s Web site.

Lack of updates

Bergie apologizes the lack of updates to his website and tries to come up with believable excuses for this one.

Gettin' Stoned ;-)

Bergie switches job and becomes the webmaster of a network security software company.

Portfolio delayed

Despite Bergie’s original intentions, the launching of his Design Portfolio site gets delayed.