Speaking engagements in May/June

I will be speaking in the following seminars and training events during May -June 2000. (16th May. 2000)

May 23rd
Discussions with local Midgard people and companies, Paris, France
May 27th - June 2nd
Stonesoft internal Web systems training, Atlanta, GA
June 3rd - 5th
Stonesoft internal Web systems training, San Mateo, CA
June 7th - 12th
** vacation **
June 13th - 17th
Global Linux 2000, Seoul, Korea
Business use of Midgard
June 18th - 19th
Midgard Seminar in Karlskrona, Sweden
June 21st - 22nd
Informal Midgard developer meeting, Arnhem, The Netherlands
June 23rd - 25th
Midgard meeting, Paris, France

Please note that my army service begins on July 3rd, after which I will not be able to attend any conferences before Q1/2001.

If you want to ask me about further speaking engagements, contact me.

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